Sandy’s Memoirs

Memoir for ‘Mariage Freres’

3rd date in and it turns out that me and Jonah are both tea lovers! Finally someone that has the same passions and interests as me! He even has practically the same playlist as me on his phone. We have started sharing links to a playlist for the daily commute, how cute!

Today we are meeting up for date number four. We are going to ‘mariage freres’, a beautiful tea shop in the centre of Covent Garden.   I am excited and nervous again. It’s a good nervous, I think I’m starting to like him and it’s going well, after all this will be date number 4. 

He met me near my office again, such a gentleman. He says he doesn’t want me to walk there on my own (Aaawwww). We get to the venue and we are both in awe. The tea shop is beautiful. It has the longest tea wall in the UK apparently with teas from all over the world, from South America to South Asia. The variety is vast and we are like kids in a candy store. Both excited, we get out of phones and take photos of everything including the glass blown teapots with hundreds of pounds.

I accidentally took a photo of us together with a teapot in the centre. I show him and laugh, he doesn’t seem to mind. This date is going well so far. He confidently speaks to the store manager who tells him that a new restaurant is opening in the library next month. We make a plan to visit again once it opens.

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