@_DateNight_’s Autumn Date Ideas

The weather has changed, it’s gotten colder and we are still in the middle of a pandemic. Social distancing measures are here to stay for the near foreseeable future and it’s getting harder and harder to meet for a date!

Despite the lockdown, we’ve actually had a great summer in terms of the weather. We’ve had more than one heatwave and heres hoping that many of you have taken advantage of that with summer roof top parties, socially distant dates at the park and sunbathing at the beach. Now that the weather has changed, it can all seem like a distant memory. The future is looking bleak and the colder whether is making it harder and harder to spend time outdoors with your date. That is until now! Here is @_DateNight_’s Autumn Date Ideas to keep you going until the festive season is in full swing.

1.) Organise a “drive & snap” date; brush up on your photography skills whilst taking in the beautiful Autumn views….

We recommend picking a location that is not far from the both of you ensuring that you are adhering to the local rules in both your areas. Do some research to a local park, area of beauty or woodland area with plenty of country roads to drive down. If you are able to we would recommend driving down from Aberfoyle to Callander, via the three locks forest in Scotland, Grasmere to Windermere via Ambleside near the Lake District, and Beddgelert To Betws-y-Coed, Snowdonia in Wales.

2.) Go on a “PSL” (pumpkin spice latte) coffee date in Central London whilst wrapped up warm, followed by a romantic stroll together….

There are so many coffee shops to choose from and for the hype alone I would recommend a visit to your local Starbucks, who knows it may end up sparking a healthy debate about the best tasting one between you and your date. If you are looking for something a bit more independent and upscale, why not visit ‘Vardo’ in Chelsea which has a great ambience and you can easily turn your date from a coffee date to a dinner date all in one place. You can always take your re-useable cup and make it a takeaway to adhere to the recent changes in the government guidelines too.

Follow the coffee date up with a romantic stroll together in and around London. Try one of the following: a walk around Pall Mall London, a stroll along the canal side in Little Venice NW London, or even relax and take in the view at Primrose Hill.

3.) PYOP – Pick your own Pumpkin Date Day Out……

With Halloween looming round the corner why not get organised and turn it into a date day out with your favourite person. This is a cost effective way to spend some quality time with your crush whilst adhering to the social distancing rules and there are so many to choose from up and down the country this year!

We recommend visiting Cattows Farm in Leicestershire (just 12mins drive from M1 J22) if you are around the midlands and Lathcoats Farm down near Chelmsford (35mins by train from London Liverpool Street).

4.) Go camping together and cosy up to an open fire….

Now for this one you need to be a little bit organised. You will need to book your camp site in advance so that the site can adhere to social distancing rules and you will need to get permission for the log fire beforehand. Trust us however, once you’re there with your date it will be magical. Think open fire, roasting marshmallows, making your own pumpkin-spiced drinks and maybe even star gazing at the end of the night (keeping social distancing of course).

5.) Go shopping together! Believe it or not it can be a great date guys…..

Now hear me out on this one! It will mainly be indoors, so you can both stay warm; and you can make it fun by going sweater shopping together or buying couples halloween costumes together. Think dress up, goofing around, his and hers “wheres wally” outfits and you can finish it off by going for a warm, hearty takeaway together at the end.

Despite the change in the weather and the government guidelines for the current pandemic, love waits for no one and nor should you! We are incredibly adaptable creatures and with these ever changing times, your dating style should be adaptable too! We hope this post has given you and your loved one inspiration for your next date and would love to hear from you if it has.


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