“The effects of Lockdown on Dating”

As with other Industries, the dating industry has been dramatically affected by the current pandemic.

Many people have mixed views about dating during lockdown and this is evident in a recent survey conducted by @_DateNight_. The survey revealed that 3/4 of the sample lot are put off by dating at the moment. It is clear to see that the majority of singles are in one of two camps when it comes to dating during lockdown. There are those who have taken this opportunity to reflect and have realised that they are longing for that someone special. They are using this time to get back into the dating game and are serious about finding someone special for their future. Then there are those that have done the same thing, but their conclusion has been that actually dating isn’t a priority during lockdown as they want to focus on other things. 

I for one think this is an amazing result for the dating industry as all the self-reflection has made people more sure about what they want and their priorities in life. The dating industry is now filled with hopeful and determined singles that are seriously looking and ready to date. 

The dating industry has gone through a huge re-invention during the lockdown.  Many dating apps and websites such as Bumble, Hinge and Shaadi.com have all added new Innovations to the way their users interact. The most popular being the additional service of video call chats with whoever you match with. This is being pushed by many apps and websites in the dating industry yet from the survey it is clear that many people are not comfortable with this new style of Dating. 

Over twenty percent of the people surveyed are not dating during lockdown specifically because they do not feel comfortable with this new style of Dating; that includes virtual dates, video calls and keeping so much distance that it’s impossible to create that chemistry during a date. Two thirds of the people that are dating during lockdown are sticking traditional forms of online dating from using apps to match and communicate, to telephone calls and text messages. Only eighteen percent of the people surveyed are actually virtual/video call dating. 

Virtual dating i.e. video dates could be considered to create a hindrance to your dating life because you don’t get to meet your match in person and this puts many of us out of our comfort zone as we are not used to this alternative. 

However, there is a counter argument to this point. With the socially distant boundaries that have been set upon us all, we are forced to literally keep a physical distance from our dates. Many daters are also very cautious and anxious about the possible risks of meeting up in person because of the current pandemic. 

One could look at these physical boundaries in a completely different light, looking at the silver lining of the situation. Without the physical stimulation from our date, we automatically focus on the mental and emotional connections that can be built. The focus on the date becomes more about shared passions and interests, the same mindset and the same feelings for one another. From this point of view a socially distant or virtual date can actually lead to a more sustainable, meaningful connection with your date. It can also be seen as a safety precaution within dating. Often when you are meeting somebody for a date in person there can be unwanted advances such as a touch on the hand, an awkward hug or even a kiss on the cheek that wasn’t warranted. A socially distant date or a virtual date eliminate the chances of these advances completely. For anyone who is apprehensive about receiving such advances in person the idea of a socially distant date or a virtual date is a much safer and comforting proposition. From the survey conducted over twenty percent of the sample lot did feel comfortable to have a socially distant date. Perhaps for now this is the best way to continue dating during the current pandemic.

When asking the question as to how people felt about dating during the lockdown this survey received a very mixed bag of answers. Half of the sample lot found dating remotely easy and something that they were used to, many also stated that they haven’t actually changed their dating style during the pandemic. However half of the sample lot did say that they’ve found dating a lot more difficult  and even off putting.

With this in mind we asked the sample lot what the overall conclusion was in terms of dating during lockdown. Did they find the overall experience positive or negative so far? Under 10% of the sample lot agreed that the changes in dating as a result of lockdown had a positive effect on their dating lives. In fact the majority of the sample lot were unsure as to how the changes in dating have affected their dating life. 

Given the response from the sample lot it seems as though this new direction for dating as a result of the pandemic is hopefully as long-lasting as the pandemic itself. It is safe to say that the traditional forms of Dating; matching with people online, corresponding via telephone calls and text messages, and meeting up in person are the preferred forms of dating for now. 


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