_DateNight_’s Best Outdoor Spaces for a Day Date 6ft apart

We are all starting to feel fed up with the restrictions from the Coronavirus outbreak, however rightly so we need to stick to the rules for our own safety as well as the safety of others. This doesn’t have to mean that our love lives have to suffer though! Far from it!

Many people have been taking to Virtual Dating as a way of keeping their dating lives going. Well now that the new rules are in place, we can take these connections to the next step by having an in-person date as long as you stick to staying 6ft apart. I for one am very excited for the opportunities ahead!

You might be wondering how on earth can I have a date with someone in person yet keep 2 metres away? Well it’s very simple really. We need to adapt to our surroundings, just as we did when we all tuned to virtual dates and video calling. We need to do the same for this new rule also! You want to meet in person and you want to meet some where that is not going to be full of tourists and has some secluded spots for you and your date.

Here are _DateNight_’s best outdoor spaces for a day date whilst keeping 2 metres apart:

1.) Bestwood Country Park, Nottinghamshire:

Although this is a Country Park and will have a lot of other visitors at the site, it’s not hard to find a spot for you and your date in this 650 acres land filled with hills, forests, walking and cycling trails, lakes, rivers and woodland area. The sheer volume of the land means that you will always be able to find a spot where you will not be disturbed. It is open during the lockdown and has free parking. There is a site for camping, a play area, hotels and other amenities that you would normally be able to use but you will need to check the park’s website for the current restrictions. There is a nature reserve within the grounds too.

To top it all off, if all of that was not enough there is Bestwood Village, Bulwell Hall Park and Golf Course and Watchwood Plantation all close by too. This is a real day out for the two of you and a treat for the senses along the way. It will be one that your date will remember for a very long time.

2.) Hermit’s Cave, Ilkeston, Derbyshire:

What better way to have an intimate date than to visit a hidden away cave in the midst of ilkeston in Derbyshire. Part of the grounds that make up Dale Abbey, this is a space that is sure to be memorable and great if the pair of you are interested in history, religion and enjoy the outdoors and exploration.

3.) Black Park, Slough:

Black Park is an amazing location for anyone looking for lots to do all in one location. It’s open during lockdown and has parking on site too. Although some of the attractions may be closed because of the Covid-19, there is still so much to do an see in this vast space of over 500 acres. There are walking and cycling tracks within the grounds which is perfect for an active day date. For those that want a more relaxed date, head over to the lake and enjoy beautiful flatlands for a picnic whilst soaking up the exquisite views. You can even go fishing in the lake if that tickles your fancy. Once the lockdown restrictions are slowly lifted there are a number of facilities on site also such as a lakeside cafe, refreshment kiosk, public bathrooms, a kids play area perfect for single parent dating and a Go Ape area for those that want to add even more adrenaline to their exciting dating life!

4.) Eastridge Woods near Snailbeach Village:

In the beautiful Shrewsbury countryside lies Eastridge Woods and Snailbeach Village. Both are absolutely stunning and worth going to on a day trip to Shrewsbury, and are connected to a much larger greenery which forms part of Shropshire as well and it very close to Wales also.

Eastridge Woods has its own on site car park on the east of the woods, but it’s small so its best to have a back up in case it’s full the day you organise your day date. Also, this is the best woods on the DN list for avid cycling fans. If you and your date like to keep active and are both cycling fanatics, you’re going to the right place with Eastridge. There are 3 downhill trails, all of varying difficulty levels and then for the ones that are happy to get down and dirty there is the Revelation Trail. Think rocks, roots, mud, gurning climbs and fast, tight, steep descents. This is not for the faint-hearted.

After exerting all of your energy at Eastridge Woods, you and your date should head over to the village of Snailbeach. There are picturesque views of the village, the churches and the historical site ‘Snailbeach Lead Mine’. Snailbeach Lead Mine was once one of the biggest and richest mines in the country and is now an unfenced area maintained by the Shropshire Mines Trust. Close by is Blakemoorgate, an Archaeological museum and The Hollies Nature Reserve which provides a never-ending landscape of the Stiperstone’s countryside in it’s natural and wild state. Perfect for a romantic stroll or even a pre-planned picnic filled with delights in a Hamper basket.

5.) Hall Place and Gardens, Bexley, South East London:

If you are looking for somewhere easily commutable from Central London as well as picturesque; there is no other choice than Hall Place and Gardens in Bexley. Although the buildings and smaller gardens with access internally are not available at the moment, the main gardens are still accessible and are beautiful in themselves! Rose gardens, herb gardens, sunken gardens; there is so much to see here and all has been immaculately maintained. This is a beautiful spot for anyone looking for a garden that is as aesthetically pleasing as their date themselves with plenty of parking and a great location to boot!

6.) Farningham Woods Nature Reserve, South East England:

This ancient woodland area was opened up to the public by Sir David Attenborough in 1986. With 186 acres of land to explore, you will be sure to find at least 1 or 2 secluded spots for you and your date to enjoy. As well as 3 ponds and 3 viewing points, exploring the woodland area there are designated areas for a camp fire and a well deserved rest after meandering around the woodland discovering the enormous array of wildlife and vegetation. This spot is great for a couple that enjoys hiking and keeping fit together.

7.) Birstall Locks, Watermead:

If you venture here on a week day and take a walk along the river soar, you will find some secluded spots along the way with beautiful views of the countryside and the locks in action. Watermead country park is connected to the locks and if you keep strolling through you will find deserted swamps within the mini forest land that can you get some alone time in without worrying about a hoard of tourists interrupting your date.

8.) Roundhay Park, Leeds:

Nature trails, Lakes, Gardens and spacious greenery make this spot a beautiful spot for a day date with great views. It’s close to York yet far away enough to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city. As it’s one of the smaller parks and most tourists will be heading toe either the Yorkshire Dales National Park or the North York Moors National Park; this beautiful spot will be overlooked by many. The river Ouse runs right through the park yet it also has lakes of it’s own. This is a good spot for a picnic and a tranquil spot for two.

I’ve loved exploring and enjoying these beautiful sites and I hope you do too. Let’s make the most of the current situation and enjoy slowing down and appreciating nature. Let’s get to know our dates on a more intimate level without the distractions of the big lights in a city, without the dinner affecting our choice, without the live music being the most memorable part of our date. Let’s get back to basics and enjoy a genuine, honest, raw connection with our dates in person.

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Thanks for reading, #StaySafe #StayConnected

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