_DateNight_’s Ultimate Virtual Date Ideas List

Virtual Dating has boomed over the recent times due to the fact that we are all on lockdown across the globe. Most people are in either one of the two camps; virtual dating is ‘lame’ or they love the idea but don’t know where to start.

In a recent survey I conducted on the _DateNight_ facebook singles group, 94% said that they would go on a Virtual Date and 85% said that they needed help with ideas (

This blog will help you to get started and it’s not always about connecting via video call, there are so many different ways.

I have waited to release this blog as I wanted to collate a comprehensive list of Virtual Date ideas that I have tried and tested for myself. This list is _DateNight_’s Ultimate Virtual Date Ideas List. It’s the best of the best ideas that are out there and the ones that I’ve had the most fun doing!

1.) Video Call Date: What better way to connect than to see each other and speak to each other on the phone. Video calling is the closest thing that we have to being with each other in person and during lockdown it DOES make you feel as though you have spent time with each other. I recommend a virtual walk in the park and a coffee date at home. See the _DateNight_ Instagram post on how my own experience of this went down:

2.) Playing interactive online or mobile phone games together: It’s important at a time like this to keeps things fun and build some happy, joyful memories around these uncertain times. Interacting with each other through games is a great way to build those fond memories together, have a laugh and see the humorous side of each other. See the _DateNight_ YouTube video for some great Virtual Date gaming app recommendations:

3.) Watching a movie together: A classic but a good one. We would watch movies together in the cinema or at home if we were in person so why not watch movies together when in isolation also. To keep it interactive so that you get the feeling that you are watching together, I recommend using Zoom or Video Calling each other on the phone whilst watching the movies on the TV or Laptop. That way you can see each other’s reactions and talk to each other whilst watching the movie together. The only thing you need to do is ensure that you are both synced when you start the movie.

A link to the top 45 TV shows & Movies on Netflix (as collated by Glamour magazine) can be found in the following link also:

4.) Watching a play, theatre production, orchestra or musical online together:

  • Berlin Philharmonie App – Download their ‘Digital Concert Hall‘ app from apple store or Google Play and get 60 days of LIVE concerts, Film Streaming and Interview Videos all for free! It is also available on the Internet on:
  • National Theatre on YouTube: The YouTube channel is showing all past videos and is live streaming a different play every week on the channel too.
  • Southbank Centre: Although the doors to the centre are currently closed, they have created an online platform ‘The show must go on(line)’ which features videos, interviews, playlists, articles, exhibitions and insights.
  • Royal Opera House: As the doors are closed during Coronavirus lockdown, Royal Opera House is also providing FREE live streaming every Friday. Go to their website for access and a running programme list on:

5.) Video Call Art together: Art can be a good insight into each other’s expressive side and personality. It can also be fun and therapeutic at the same time. Why not video call each other and either draw portraits of each other or interpret a word and revealing it to each other at the end. Make a playlist for the occasion that you can both listen to/share during your call as background music.

6.) Virtual Art Gallery Tour together: For those who would normally have met up and gone to a museum or art gallery together, do it online instead. The beauty about doing it together online is that you still get to fulfil your creative desires and you can experience exhibitions and visit galleries from all around the world in the comfort of your own home that you would not normally get to see. Many galleries and museums have created FREE virtual tours for us all to explore. See _DateNight_’s recommended sites in the below links:

7.) Play music or sing together: Singing and playing music together is a great way to connect with your date. There are so many apps, websites and you can even just use video calling if you have instruments to hand at home. Maybe one person can play the guitar whilst the other sings along to the beat.

You could also create a shared playlist that you both add to whenever a song reminds you of your partner or conveys the message that you want to give your partner/date. Check out my latest post on the _DateNight_ Instagram page for inspiration:

Why not Serenade him or her during self isolation – @_DateNight_ on Instagram has a special feature called #Serenadeherduringselfisolation. If you would like to take part, take photos or videos on how you have serenaded your partner and tag in @_DateNight_ and use the hashtag #Serenadeherduringself-isolation.

8.) Workout together: This is a great virtual date idea for any couple that shares a passion for keeping fit. You can use video calling to stay connected whilst doing the following:

  • Challenge each other for home workouts together. For example, who can do the most push-ups. Follow ‘Push With Ush Fitness’ on facebook and @pushwithush on Instagram for inspiration.
  • Do an online exercise class together (in person or via video call). For something a bit different why not learn MMA KRAV MAGA, a self-defence system embracing the best of MMA and Krav Maga:
  • Learn a new dance together that you can then do together in person – for example Tango, Waltz, Bachata or even Bhangra. Follow @BounceBhangra on Facebook and Instagram to tune in to their live dance classes every weekday at 7pm.

9.) Do an online photography course together but send each other photos of a specific message that you want to send to each other (for example, eye + heart + eww = I Love You). For free photography lessons or inspiration go to the following pages:

10.) The 36 questions that lead to love. This is something that has been on everyone’s list but there is very good reason for it.

The article is based on a study by the psychologist Arthur Aron (and others) that explores whether intimacy between two strangers can be accelerated by having them ask each other a specific series of personal questions. The 36 questions in the study are broken up into three sets, with each set intended to be more probing than the previous one.

Do you dare to delve deeper into the inner psyche of your partner?

11.) Take on a cooking course, challenge or teach each other your favourite recipes all over video chat. It’s a great way to share a meal together without actually sharing a meal together. It’s also a great way of knowing whether your prospective partner can cook and follow instructions, lol. Challenge your date to make your favourite dish and attempt to make theirs. That way by the time the lockdown has been lifted you will have mastered the dishes and can then cook your way to their hearts! Here are _DateNight_’s suggestions for some simple cooking videos to give you inspiration:

12.) Play a game of ‘hidden messages’ – where by one person sends hidden messages in the forms of clues, riddles, pictures and puzzles to the other. If the person wins, the organiser sends them a prize via online delivery or after the lockdown has been lifted. 

With this amazing array of options for a Virtual Date you will be sure to find at least 1 thing that you and your date will enjoy together! Don’t let the current pandemic kill off the romance in your life. Take charge and stay connected!

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Thanks for reading, #StaySafe #StayHome

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  1. I write poetry to my partner , and now we go to a point where we write lines together. I write a line and then returns a line , talking about the day, feelings , emotions. Etc In your communication this is a time to showcase what makes you you, show off your hobbies, interests, your USP. Sometimes it’s even the simplest things like being organised looking after family etc reach with your heart and less the eyes

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