Womenswear DateNight Fashion for Spring

Here are _DateNight_’s top tips for dressing for a date this Spring. Whether you are going on a dinner date, a casual coffee date, meeting your partner or even a well-overdue date with one of your best mates; _DateNight_ has put together some of the key trends for this spring for you to look your best no matter what the occasion.

Shorts of all sorts….

As the weather improves so do our choices of date night outfits and one of the biggest trends for spring is the short. Whether it be short-shorts, bermuda shorts or even cropped culottes; shorts are a big theme for this spring and can be a good way to show off some leg in a more casual date setting or when your making a statement during a BFF catch up.

Highlighter pink….

Bright, bold, highlighter colours are a big trend for this spring and for dating this can be a great thing! I’d opt for the cerise pink as my go to for this trend when dating. Pink has a feminine undertone no matter how bright and often compliments almost every skin tone. If an all pink outfit is just one step too far for yourself, as you want to feel comfortable not conscious on your date, opt. for layering with black or white or even pops of highlighter colours in your accessories.

Bra tops …..

Now you may think that this trend is not really appropriate for dating but if its carried off correctly, it can work really well. The key here is that you want to make a nod to the trend without actually turning up to your date in just a bra! We wouldn’t want to give off the wrong impression would we! Try layering the bra top on top of or underneath a sheer or thin top.

Tiered Dresses, Skirts and Tops……

This is an uber feminine trend and looks pretty, chic and spring time appropriate in any way, shape or form. Sheer, floaty fabrics really do this trend justice and its a good trend if you want to accentuate your body shape in various ways with volume.


This one has been round for a while now but its such a good trend for a dating. If you want something classic, chic, on trend but that will come around again at some point, you should go for the Polkadot trend. Again this one suits all skin tones and shapes and sizes. I would suggest to go for smaller polkadots on softer fabrics for a casual and understated look.

Now that the weather is turning for the better, be sure to have your spring outfits ready for those special moments with a loved one, your best friends or even a lovely spring first date.

To find out more and keep up to date with the latest fashion dating trends, venues, tips and advise be sure to follow the blog. You can also find _DateNight_ on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Images courtesy of Pinterest.

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