Event Review: Date Masi

For an indian dating event with a difference, I highly recommend attending one of Date Masi’s events. Quirky, fun, relaxed and interactive are the things that come to mind when I think about my experience.

It was set in The Folly, in Bank area of Central London which meant that it was super easy for anyone to get to and really close to two tube stations. The venue is large enough for the event and Date Masi had the whole of the lower floor booked out for us so we were not really disturbed by the other customers that were also there. The decor, ambience and lighting made for a cosy, pleasant feeling which helped many of us relax. The Folly is also a good place to revisit with a date once you have matched with them. This was actually one of the prizes during the quiz.

Date Masi’s theme for the event was a chocolate quiz. This was such a good topic as it instantly got so many of us talking. It opened up the conversation straight away and brought back childhood memories. There were several rounds of the quiz and for each round the groups were remixed so automatically you got to meet a lot of the eligible bachelors/bachelorettes. I was with the same 3 girls throughout the quiz but the guys changed for each round. This was such a good idea as it meant that I built a rapport with the girls and this made me feel even more comfortable as the quiz progressed.

As well as this, as soon as I got to The Folly, I made a point to talk to some of the ladies at the bar as I had attended the event on my own. After mingling with so many guys and girls, I realised that more than half of the attendees came on their own too. This is something that was different to many other singles events that I have attended in the past, and it was a good thing! It meant that everyone wanted to mingle and connect with others whether it be to find their future partner or even make new friends. This actually happened to me and I am now still in contact with 3 of the ladies that I met that night!

In terms of finding a partner, this event was very well organised in the sense that the age bracket was within 10 years, the education level seemed to be on par for most that attended, all attendees were Hindu & Sikh which is the target audience for Date Masi and that suited my requirements too. There was ample time for mingling before, during and after the event and for those who wanted to build new connections this made things so easy and almost effortless.

If you are looking for a Hindu or Sikh partner within your age range and you are more of a face-to-face kind of person, this event is ideal. It’s really good for those that may be a bit shy, having an activity to focus on rather than just mingling helps enormously! The hosts are a couple duo and are very friendly, talkative, energising and upbeat. This combination makes it almost impossible not to enjoy and want to interact.

I really enjoyed this event and how comfortable it made me feel speaking to other attendees that I have only just met and looking for a potential future with. The quiz brought out the fun, talkative, competitive side of me and hopefully that was appealing to the gents at the event.

Well I know for sure it was to one who came and asked for my number just before I walked out of the event with two of my new female friends I had made that night.

If you want to find out more about Date Masi click on the links below to their website and social media:




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