Christmas in Greenwich

Greenwich is fast becoming a popular spot for Christmas on top of all the existing attractions and history that already bring millions of tourists to this particular part of London. This review gives you great date night ideas for your visit to Greenwich.

Right by the entrance of the Maritime museum, the Queen’s house is hosting its very own outdoor ice rink. It’s big enough for a good amount of skaters at one time but is much smaller than its competition in Central London. Nether the less it is set in magically christmassy surroundings with Xmas trees along the entrance walk way and the queen’s house in the background. The ice rink itself is lit in flood lights or illuminating christmas colours. At £16 per adult and £8 per child its pretty good value too, perfect to whisk your date around the rink.

Along the main high street and all the main roads that lead up to it you will see the skies lit up with christmas decorations and signs saying ‘merry christmas’. All the stores have their xmas decorations on full display and the main courtyard towards the Cutty Sark has an 8ft tree in the centre. The Cutty Sark itself has also joined into the festivities with one of the sails lit up in the outline of a Xmas tree.

The main attraction over the christmas period is the Greenwich indoor market which turns into a craft’s based Xmas market during the the festive season. This year for the first time they have opened their doors to a late night opening on Wednesday 4th, 11th & 18th December.

The market has a lovely hustle and bustle about it with an abundance of options for any last minute gift ideas. There are hand-made baubles for sale on the “mariposa mexicana” stall and Mini whiskey tasting kits from “The Really Good Whiskey Company” by Alex Weiler to name a few.

This is a great way to spend time with your date and get to know more about them; their tastes in food and drink, in crafts and present ideas as the dating progresses. Maybe they could even point something out that you could purchase for them for Christmas day.

The stalls have been decorated in tinsel, lights and baulbes throughout and even the stall holders have joined in wearing santa hats. There are crafted light-up lanterns handing from the ceiling insigating the stall positsions and fairylights throughout.

You can buy freshly made mulled wine alongside other snacks and dishes, and there is even a mobile drinks bar serving spiced gingersnap gin to get you both in the festive mood.

As you wonder down the aisles with your date be sure to stumble down the side roads where you can see pretty houses with their Xmas reefs hanging and soft ambient lighting in the streets.

An added bonus, if you manage to find it, is the talking Post Box. Yes, you read that correctly. For the inner child in you or even just to impress your date on your knowledge of Greenwich head over to the Cutty Sark where you will find santa’s little helpers greeting you as you post those last minute Christmas cards. It’s a good excuse to have a romantic walk together and something quirky that your date will remember.

To end the date night with lasting memories for both of you, walk along to the Cutty Sark and beyond until you come to the pier which has the most breathtaking, romantic views of the city from this side of London. This is the perfect spot of end a date potentially with a romantic kiss to finish the night.

All of the features and not to mention the attractions that are available all year round make greenwich a must visit DateNight destination this Christmas.

For more information go the the Greenwich market website on:

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