Sandy’s memoirs: Dishoom with Gagan

I’ve chosen the LBD after much deliberation with my friend Neha on what to where for this blind date. I hope he’s as good of a catch as Neha said. Let’s see! After all she met her Mr Right through a friend’s recommendation also. 

Gagan sounds like the perfect match. Tall, tanned and handsome; and working in medicine. Ticks all around for me and my folks. Hopefully he is just as impressive in person too! 

We arranged to meet in Dishoom in Covent Garden, London on a Wednesday evening after work. We were both hoping it would be quieter than any other day as its mid-week. Boy were we wrong! 

I get there and I see him standing at the entrance waiting to join the 4 metre long queue to get in. He is tall, tanned and somewhat handsome and a Sardar (Sikh guy wearing a turban and with long beard). He is sharply dressed wearing a Navy blue turban that matches his tie, a stark contrast against his crisp white shirt. We shake hands and introduce ourselves. “Hi i’m Gagan” he says in a deep voice. “Hi, I’m Sandy” i reply coyly. “Wow, look at the queue! Are you okay to queue up and wait?” he asks. Looking at the time, it’s still fairly early so I think to myself that it’s okay to queue up. Besides i’m nervous so it gives us time to chat and break the ice. I nod and lean forwards towards the queue. “Yes, there’s no rush right! I don’t mind the queue” I reply. 

It takes us 40 mins to navigate to the front of the queue during which the conversation is flowing. We discuss the usual topics: How was your working day? Work, Family, How we both know Neha and how she is such a good friend for setting us both up. We get to the entrance and a waiter shows us to our table. The waiter seats us in a cosy little corner table by the window, perfect for a dinner date for two. We both order our starters and mains. When it comes to the drinks, I order a cocktail and Gagan orders a diet coke. I think to myself Diet Coke, does this mean that he is tee-total? Not that I mind but it makes me wonder what he thinks of me ordering an alcoholic beverage? I hope he doesn’t think badly of women that drink or worse that I’m some sort of alcoholic drinking midweek! Oh well, I’m still going to enjoy the cocktail anyway, after all it’s been a hectic day at the office with my boss Jane being even more annoying than usual! 

We tuck into our starters only to realise that we both have very similar taste in food, music and movies. As the evening goes on Gagan tells me more and more about himself. I listen intently and as our mains arrive onto the table, it dawns on me that Gagan is doing the majority of the talking! I mean he has practically told me his life story. He continues to tell me about his family, his med school days and how he was top of his class for most of his assessments. I realise at the night goes on that there is an air of arrogance coming from Gagan. If he’s really all that how is he still single? Any why is he on a date with me? 

We both finish our mains and it’s time for the desserts or to call it a night. I’d eaten hardly anything for dinner compared to my normal portion size so I was keen to look at the dessert menu. The waiter comes to our table holding 2 thin and long dessert menus in his hands. Before he could even ask us, Gagan looks at him and shuns the menus away. “We are okay thanks, No dessert tonight, right?” he says to the waiter and looks at me for confirmation. I agree out of compliance. I don’t want to cause a scene. The waiter walks away. “You didn’t mind me speaking on behalf of both of us did you?” Gagan looks at me attentively for an agreeable reply. “ Well actually I was thinking about getting dessert but I guess you are right, it is getting late, no time for dessert tonight!” I reply. He looks at me in surprise and says “Oh, okay. No that’s not what I meant. I just thought you were full like me. Besides I don’t think either of us need the extra calories!”. Shocking! Here’s a man supposedly at the top of his game, working in the medical industry, an eligible bachelor and yet he has no manners! It’s okay Sandy, don’t stoop to his level. Bite your tongue girl! I think to myself as I take in what has just happened. 

He settles the bill and we make our way out of the restaurant. We say our goodbyes and he leaves after saying “It was a good evening. I had a lot of fun. Get home safe and I will be in touch!”. I say goodbye too and head towards the nearest tube station. I can’t help but think what did he mean by “I will be in touch!”. Did I just get the brush off? Or does he think i’m so interested that he has got it in the bag? 

The date leaves me confused. On paper Gagan is exactly what im looking for, as well as the folks. But IRL he’s arrogant and rude! And Cute! Lol. Dating is so confusing! 

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