Sandy’s memoirs: The Kumaris are coming over for tea!

It’s the 15th of August and I’m sitting in my room, hair scrunched up in a bun in my pj’s wondering how I’m going to get through the day tomorrow. 

Mum has arranged for the Kumaris to come over to hers with their son for yet another rishta.  She seems very excited about him telling me a 100 times that he’s an accountant, a highly eligible bachelor. Every time she says accountant all I hear is boring, conventional and tight with his money! And I’ve got to go all the way to my parents house in West London! Why can’t me and Arjun just meet in a bar in Canary Wharf like any other normal asian Singleton! At least then if I needed to escape I’m only 20 minutes from my flat!

I bet it’s going to be a disaster! Just like the last 3 guys my folks have introduced me to! Omg, what a joke they all were! Especially the Sardar that was only 5’4. I mean come on, he was 4 inches shorter than me!

Well whatever, I’m going to have to go through the motions. Mum and Dad will go ballistic if i don’t turn up.

I’ll tell mum to make my favourite carrot cake for the Kumaris. That way at least I have cake to look forward to at the folk’s house. 

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