Sandy’s memoirs: Karam’s Spicy Chicken

Im super excited as i’m going over to Karam’s again tonight. It’s only been a week since I last went over but still i’m giddy and I don’t care how dramatic that may seem! I love spending time with him and we don’t always need to go out for our dates, I love the cosy, homely side of him too.

I get to this and straight away he asks me if i’ve eaten. It is dinner time and i’m starting to get hungry so i’m wondering if he wants to order a cheeky takeaway. To my surprise as I walk into the kitchen, he is cooking and that too its his spicy chicken signature dish! Oh my god, how sweet, romantic, caring! Maybe he really does like me after all.

The chicken was cooked to perfection. The rice was beautiful and the sauce was hot and spicy, just like Karam. He surprises me more and more every time I meet him.

After dinner I offer to clear up but he insists I leave everything for him to sort out later. He says he would prefer to spend time with me and clear up once I leave. Awwww.

We sit on the sofa cuddling and he sets up the TV putting on a comedy. We settle in to watch the Film together. I love this feeling! What a cosy, romantic evening together.

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